Mediterranean Diet

Research Confirms the Effect of a Mediterranean Diet on Weight Loss

The Mayo Clinic calls the Mediterranean Diet “a diet for the whole family.” The American Heart Association calls the Mediterranean diet the “gold standard” in heart disease prevention.

One of the largest studies was conducted by Dr Dimitrios Trichopoulos of both the University of Athens Medical School and The Harvard School of Public Health. This particular study involved analyzing the dietary habits of almost 25,000 people aged 60 and over in 9 different countries. Some of the participants were consuming a typical Mediterranean diet and some were following a typical American diet – one high in saturated fats. After examining these participants for a number of years, it was concluded that those who followed a Mediterranean Diet lived significantly longer and had less chance of being obese than those who followed the typical American high fat diet.

Weight Loss

Most of the people have been lead to believe that you cannot lose weight if you consume oils or fats. Consequently, most people in the U.S. have become very much obsessed with low-fat products and diets. Unfortunately, most people continue gaining weight, despite their efforts and concerns.

Recently, a study in Spain found out that; contrary the belief that is held by many people, you can consume fats though in moderation and still lose weight using a Mediterranean diet plan. The study which was conducted by researchers at the Spanish university of Navarra found out that the Mediterranean diet promotes health weight loss.

This study was conducted for a period of three years. In the study, 1,055 all of participants at the risk of developing heart diseases were followed. Each was placed on a traditional Mediterranean diet.

Extra-virgin oil was the main source of fats for the participants. The Mediterranean diet plan was comprised of unprocessed cereals, fish, fruits and vegetables in addition to legumes and nuts. After the three years, the individuals showed increased levels of antioxidants and reduction in the levels of body fat. A reduction in body fat is the optimum weight loss.

This led to the conclusion that the Mediterranean diet provides better levels of antioxidants because of the intake of extra-virgin olive oil, which is traditionally known and scientifically proven to be high in powerful antioxidants. On an interesting note, the participants in the study who were genetically at risk of body weight increases benefited the most from the Mediterranean diet.

The researchers concluded that the diets that are rich in extra-virgin oil such as the Mediterranean diet have tremendous benefits on health such as reduction of levels of body fats and body weight.

5 Diet and Weight Loss Tips

Five Fail Safe Diet & Weight Loss Tips

With fitness routines and fad diets available all over the internet, choosing the best option to help you lose weight easily is proving a great task. In addition, figuring out which diet options work effectively from those that do not work can also be time consuming challenge. Instead of getting intimidated by jargon and hype that some diet plans are actually effective, here are some smart strategies you can use to adopt weight-friendly and healthy habits.

  1. Envision the Amount of Weight to be Lost

The first step should be determining the amount of weight you would like to lose using a calculation such as the BMI method. This is calculated against the height of an individual hence it is a tool to help you set a reasonable goal.

  1. Time Management

You will definitely need to allocate time to do specific activities such as exercising, cooking and replenishing groceries. These activities should be planned so that they fit into our busy schedule. If you fail to make effective plans well in advance, you’ll always feel rushed and often confused. The failure to properly plan means that you have set no goal and no means to reach that goal. This generally results in failure.

  1. Have Adequate Supplies of Healthy Foods

Stock your kitchen with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, tree nuts, spices, etc. Your refrigerator should be packed with plenty of vegetables to get you through an entire week. Get rid of all unhealthy foods from your kitchen and refrigerator to avoid any potential setbacks. Having adequate supplies of healthy foods makes it possible for you to plan good meals. Do away with unhealthy snacks such as processed foods, sodas, french fries, etc. Discover the opportunities available in the world of the healthy snacks and you’ll be surprised by the wide collection of snacks that will help you accomplish your goals.

  1. Exercise

If you don’t have been unique exercising program, your weight loss plain is incomplete. Integrating weight training and cardio exercises helps you to get rid of excess weight faster. As long as the workout plan you are following does stress on toning muscles and increasing the heart rate, it is normally effective in shedding off excess weight. A simple home workout or fitness training in a gym can help you to get rid of the extra bulk easily.

  1. Eliminate stress

Look for effective methods that you can use to combat stress. People who are stressed have a more difficult time getting rid of excess body fat in the short and long term. Exercise helps get rid of stress. Begin an exercise and diet program and you will soon discover you can reach your weight loss goals.