101 Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Diet and Weight Loss Questions

Mediterranean Diet Secrets contains 101 Answers to your most frequently asked diet and weight loss questions. We have included ten of those questions and answers below.

1. What type of vitamin supplements should I take?
A. If you wish to take vitamins you may want to begin with a good quality multivitamin with antioxidants. This is usually sufficient for most. Be mindful of the ingredients and watch for any allergies you may have to any of the ingredients.

2. Does stress cause weight problems?
A. Absolutely. When your body recognizes stress it raises your heart rate, raises your blood sugar level, and slows down digestion. This can severely hinder your weight loss efforts. This is another reason why exercise is so important. It relieves stress. So does positive thinking and laughter.

3. What are some of the more harmful diets?
A. I have seen some strange diets, from the grapefruit diet to the cabbage soup diet. But the most dangerous diets may be any starvation type diet. Many of us have tried this diet. We simply stopped eating hoping we would lose weight. You may have lost some weight but the weight that you have lost was most likely water and lean muscle tissue. The stop eating diet may also cause a host of other health problems.

4. How do I keep the weight off?
A. This task shouldn’t be too difficult if you lose body fat as opposed to muscle when losing weight. A healthy eating plan and exercise will help keep the weight off. Keep in mind that consistency is the key here. So many people gain the weight back from their dieting efforts due to improper dieting. If you consistently exercise and eat healthy without overeating or under eating, you will be able to keep the weight off. In fact, the more consistent you are the easier it gets.

5. Does muscle really weigh more than fat?
A. Yes. Muscle weights approximately 22 percent more than fat. So if you have a cubic foot of solid muscle and a cubic foot of solid fat, the cubic foot of solid muscle would weight 22 percent more than the cubic foot of solid fat.

6. Can I combine certain foods to help me burn fat?
A. There is little scientific evidence that combining or sequencing specific foods enhances weight loss. However, there are certain foods that you should not combine such as fruit with meat. It is argued that combining these foods will slow protein digestion and absorption.

7. Are fat grams worse than calories?
A. Fat grams are calories. One gram of fat contains 9 calories. One gram of protein and one gram of carbohydrates each contain only 4 calories.

8. Why are fad diets so harmful?
A. Fad diets are harmful because often they provide false hope to the unsuspecting dieter. Additionally they may not provide the proper nutrients for the dieter to maintain healthy weight loss. Because of the lack of nutrients, some fad diets cause lean muscle tissue loss. In many cases this may cause weight gain because you may no longer have the maximum amount of muscle tissue to burn fat.

9. Is it better to eat smaller meals more frequently?
A. Yes, as long as they are healthy meals. This helps to keep your blood sugar level even throughout the day. An even blood sugar level will help prevent your body from storing fat. This is why it is important that you learn to snack properly.

10. Does having sex burn calories?
A. Yes. Sex is primarily a physical activity. Depending on the duration and other things, sex burns about 150 calories per hour.

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