101 Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Diet and Weight Loss Questions


Mediterranean Diet Secrets contains 101 Answers to your most frequently asked diet and weight loss questions. We have included ten of those questions and answers below. 1. What type of vitamin supplements should I take?A. If you wish to take vitamins you may want to begin with a good quality multivitamin with antioxidants. This is … Read more

The Mediterranean Diet and Alzheimer’s

Mediterranean Meal

Americans who ate a Mediterranean diet – lots of fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, some fish and alcohol, and little dairy and meat – had a reduced risk for Alzheimer’s disease as they aged. These findings are published in the April issue of Annals of Neurology, a journal published by John Wiley & Sons. The article … Read more

Wholegrain Foods

Oats Whole Grains

What are Wholegrain Foods? Wholegrain foods are cereal grains which retain the bran and germ as well as the endosperm, in contrast to refined grains which retain only the endosperm. Whole meal products are made from whole grain flour. Common whole grain products include oatmeal, popcorn, brown rice, whole wheat flour, sprouted grains and whole … Read more