Why Do I Eat What I Eat?

As I wrote in the introduction to Mediterranean Diet Secrets, far too often our diets are based on what someone else may think or eat without us even realizing it. For example, poor eating habits are often handed down through a family like old clothes. When I was a kid, my mother used to say to us, “Always fry your bacon first, that way you can use the leftover grease to fry your eggs in.” This was something that her mother told her. At that time, we consumed fried food quite often and I can still remember the old grease can that my mother kept on the back of the stove. The grease can was an old can (usually an old coffee can) that was used to “recycle” lard, vegetable oil, and whatever else may have found its way in there. This was the actual oil left over from whatever she happened to fry for dinner. Every now and again she would throw the can out and start over again when the oil got “too old” (usually when the eggs began to taste like fish). One day my grandmother found a mouse in the grease can and that moment marked the end of the grease can era. I know this may sound pretty disgusting but hey, how many people can credit a single mouse for sparing them a life of high cholesterol and heart disease? My family and I owe that mouse a debt of gratitude.

Are Your Eating Habits Actually Yours?

Many of our eating habits are not actually ours. They may have been handed down through the family or adopted from friends or colleagues. Many individuals who work together find themselves saying, “I’ll have what she’s having.” There are even individuals who feel uncomfortable eating different around others. There are also those of us who have a tendency to make others feel uncomfortable eating differently around us. Of course as children we have little choice or say in the matter. Our eating habits may also have been a result of a past situation or set of circumstances that we no longer have to experience. Yet after your circumstances improved, you may have held onto those poor eating habits.

Choose Your Foods Based Upon the Results You Wish to Achieve

As adults we must choose. Over the years, our diets should naturally change as the human race learns more about the foods we eat. Take a look at the foods that you choose to eat. Do you eat certain foods out of habit, or is this something your parents taught you to eat? Is this something that your friends eat? Do you truly enjoy the foods you eat or have you grown to like them? Do you eat certain foods because they are quick or easy to prepare? Remember that true freedom of choice is based upon what you desire. The above reasons are based upon circumstances and outside influences. If weight loss is what we desire, then we should base our choices upon it accordingly. Otherwise, we aren’t really doing what it is that we truly want to do. We control our future in the present. I now choose what I eat solely based upon the result I wish to achieve.

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